What is our technology?


Reacta Biotech has been formed to commercialise the current form of the oral food challenge test adapted from that used in the EuroPrevall project by Professor Clare Mills’ team based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Manchester. Through a multi-faceted agreement with the University, the Company has gained exclusive access to this early development work and the substantial body of knowhow that has been established around it.


Our proprietary technology consists of a stable food matrix, which is prepared in a standardised process to the highest food and pharmaceutical manufacturing control standards. The products have documented quantified levels of food allergen and are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, ensuring they meet the standard required for a clinical diagnostic. The food challenges have been formulated to blind allergen across a range of doses, with the effectiveness of blinding confirmed by sensory analysis. The matrix is reconstituted immediately prior to use to provide a mousse-style chocolate dessert. 


Reacta Biotech has verified allergen doses within our challenge meals, which will be manufactured under strict, controlled conditions to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This ensures they will provide a standardised oral food challenge for the diagnosis of food allergy.