The Origin of the Company

​Reacta Biotech has been established to:

  • Develop, manufacture and commercialise oral food challenge materials to pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Provide pharmaceutical quality oral food challenges for clinical trials of novel therapies
  • Gain regulatory approval of oral food challenge materials in various jurisdictions to enable commercial sales
  • Provide a gold standard for clinical food allergy testing.
Reacta Biotech Limited was incorporated in June 2013 by its three founders: Professor Clare Mills, Professor Ashley Woodcock and Peter McPartland. Following an extensive planning phase, the Company’s seed capital was raised in February-April 2014.  This funding, from a small syndicate of private investors, enabled the Company to formally commence its operations.
Reacta Biotech is committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and confidentiality, with state-of-the art controls in product integrity, allergen risk management and data protection.

Reacta Biotech partners with our clients to provide optimal service and product solutions.
The Company's first product will be an oral food challenge kit for the confirmation of peanut allergy.